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My story

I am a qualified Science, Maths, Biology and ESL teacher from Australia and have over ten years of teaching experience in Australia, UK, Thailand, Vietnam and online. I have been teaching high school students, university students and adult professionals (in both groups and individually) since April 2005

My lessons focus predominantly on concept clarification, revision strategies for assessment tasks and practicing for examinations in an effective and strategic manner.

My teaching style is personalised, student-centered, uses a lot of inquiry-based activities, positive reinforcement and encouragement in my interactions with students. I structure my lessons by first interacting with students to build a rapport with them and find out what areas they are struggling in. I then use quizzes, worksheets and simple tasks as pre-assessment tools to find out their strengths and weaknesses as well as their learning style. Based on the results, I use a variety of existing teaching and learning resources and develop new ones to cater to their learning needs and styles.  Providing and receiving constructive feedback to and from my students is a critical component in my teaching.

As I grew and evolved in my career as an educator, my private students frequently consulted me to assist them with exam revision and practice strategies, especially days and weeks before their deadlines.  Through my own experience of trial and error in methods and techniques I used to approach and answer exam questions as a student, I was able to train and equip my own students accordingly. I taught them to truly ‘read between the lines’ of information provided in exam questions, understand mark schemes and allocations and do the mental preparation and planning before attempting an answer, whilst managing their time.  Eventually, not only did they manage to accelerate the results they desired to achieve in their exams, they developed a confident and positive mindset towards tackling future examinations and across several other areas of their lives. The tremendous positive feedback I received from my students has led me to my niche area of speciality as an educator, which is to decode the information in exam questions and coming up with the best quality answers to achieve your desired results.

I have assisted in the preparation of annual tutoring curriculum for my students, a subject booklet summarising the topics to be covered in the year, brief notes specific to each topic, assessment tasks and hints and tips for preparing for examinations; preparation of my own notes for students in each topic, giving them individual assistance on any topics they are struggling with, helping them with assignments and other assessment tasks, giving them weekly revision tasks as homework and correcting them and also assisting students with exam preparation.

I would now like to reach out to a bigger student base and offer my services to a variety of students in various subjects, add more value in their learning of various subjects, assist them with their understanding and application of the concepts of the subject, boost their confidence and make an impact on their lives.

Feedback & Reviews

Does an online tutor really work? What students & parents say…
I’ve been coming to Shweta for tutoring for quite some time, and she’s finally seeing me out the door. I truly have her to thank for my success in my mathematics courses. She has me walking away with confidence and understanding that just wasn’t there prior to our sessions. She’s always patient, kind and helpful. She makes learning the way it should be – FUN. Thanks again, Shweta. “

Jonathan Alvarez


” Shweta is amazing! My daughter really loathed math and was not understanding the way concepts were being taught in her middle school. After just a few months with Shweta her attitude radically changed. She not only enjoys math now, she is excited for her weekly tutoring sessions and to practice and share what she is learning. We feel so lucky to have found Shweta.  “

Russell Kennedy


” Shweta is a fabulous, considerate, intelligent, naturally patient, and kind tutor. She is easy to work with, thoughtful explains well and from different points of view. My child has gained confidence and is consistently getting a perfect grade. I am so thankful that I spent the money and hired Shweta – it has been so very worth every cent.  “

Janice Griffin


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